Video Cabinet

Videokabinen3 78446 600x400 Video Cabinet
Videokabinen2 Video Cabinet
Videokabinen Video Cabinet

Our video cabins are located in the ground floor of our building. There you will find plenty of fully air-conditioned video cabs with a huge amount of porn-movies from all genres. Thanks to modern DVD-technology, you can now Reverse, Pause, Fast Forward and Stop the movies with the enclosed remote control.

We guarantee a huge variety of movies. Our nineteen free selectable videocabs offer more than 2000 selected porn movies for the best movie-experience in town. 200 of the best and most up-to-date movies are presented in the showcase.

Lean back and enjoy the fascination of your desired movie. You won’t get bored – cause excitement and variation is guaranteed! Come along and convince yourself!

The new gay heaven is located in the basement floor. You can find there gay specific cabins and selected gay-movies. For more information please visit our Gay area!